Thursday, 5 January 2017

I Need to Learn to Focus

The fabric for the cushions has arrived and it looks even more glorious in life than it does in the pictures.  I'm not unwrapping it from the cellophane just yet, but it looks amazing!  I'll take pictures when I can.  Unfortunately, because I bought via eBay. I was autosubscribed to their mailing list and I had to unsubscribe, otherwise I would spend a fortune.  They have some very beautiful fabric, the link is in the post of 29 December.

Today I've been sorting out the junk room where the wardrobe was (and keeping the canvas) and I've junked a load of half finished projects that I couldn't remember starting.  Some of them were older than bear.  I've sorted out the odd balls of yarn that I'm going to donate to the church knit and natter as they knit for a lot of good causes, including the seaman's mission, which is a cause close to my heart.

DH loaded up the car full of rubbish for another tip run.  I expect I shall be able to fill it a few times more just with the aftermath of Christmas and being realistic about the junk.  There is also a lot of stuff that needs to be donated.  One example are some throws that are on various beds and the sofa.  The were awesome when bought, fleece type fabric on one side and a lovely light golden velvet on the other.  However the years have not been kind to them but I believe that dog's charities can use them, so I'll make some enquiries.  I think that I'll have a lot to donate.

The New Year's Resolutions are scraping along the bottom, but I'm stumbling along and I'm tentatively confident that I'll get better.

I haven't any pictures of the stuff that I have got up to, but as I've written a shedload for the White Hart, here's a picture of one from Wiki.

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  1. Sounds like you've been really busy. It's going to be quite quiet here now that the hustle and bustle are over and daughter is moved. Sniff. Sniff. I will get started on some of those projects I've been meaning to get done!