Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Window of Opportunity

We are getting the windows replaced.  It will have to be one at a time and we have had a very nice local firm round to quote and measure up.  We will have to wait as we are doing bear's window first, and it doesn't open.  This means that the very nice man will have to come back with ladders to climb up to measure the outside when he's got the van with the ladders.

The man looked at me seriously and tried to break the news gently that we will have to re-decorate.  I don't think he was expecting me to punch the air and say, 'Yesssss!'  We need to desperately need to decorate and this means that we have to do it.

In other news, bear is voluntarily practicing the piano.  For some reason he has taken to 'Donna e Mobile' like a duck to homicide and is slaughtering Verdi at least twice a day.  I'm just thrilled that we've finally found something he will practice without threats, coercion and bribery.


  1. We had our windows replaced a couple of years ago and it was the best thing we ever did. Our next big job which are getting a quote for this week is converting our heating system from coal to oil and I just cannot wait.

  2. Windows is on our list of things to do. I am hoping to get them done bit by bit as I want to pay as I go. Our living room will be first - hopefully it will cut down on the chill. Lots of plans to update house this year - we'll have to see how far we get!

  3. It's great when they find the piece of music they enjoy playing, isn't it? :)

  4. So glad Bear has found a piece he loves. I don't have anyone playing that, they preferred the Canaries. Does he like the Asian Tiger prowl? I have one pupil learning that while my daughter's pupil is learning "O When the saints". She's playing that one while her little 5 yr old brother is playing the Fanny Waterman version for our concert in March. It's going to be amazing seeing how they have all changed over 12 months. Even my most nightmare youngster has suddenly found his notes, a perception of melody and some rhythmn over the past two weeks. Long may it last!