Saturday, 14 January 2017

I Survived

I survived bear and his pals.  At one point we had a movie going LOUD in one room, bear playing with a pal on the xbox, a YouTube video belting out and one of his pals having a random go on the piano in the other.

They played football, ate cookies, fruit, pringles, doughnuts and muffins before getting pizza followed by cake for dinner, argued goodnaturedly, goofed around and appeared to have an awesome time.  One pal fell on bear, so the pal hurt his wrist and bear knocked his head.  Both appeared fine by the end.  Another landed face down on the street and I had to scrape the dirt of him.  I may never get the dirt out of the bathmat - and I don't care.  The lad was fine and that's all that matters.

The house was okay, but all the way through the afternoon I kept spotting dust traps that I hadn't noticed.  I suspect all that I've done is make a clean spot.  I'll have to keep going next week.  The sofa survived, so that was a result.

Here is a poor picture of the remains of the birthday cake.  The phone I used is getting very elderly and is about 108 in phone years, but I've lost the other one.

You can see the marks left by the watermelon fingers in the background.  If bear wants the same again next year, I'm happy.  

Now I am going to drink some wine.  


  1. Oh, it sounds like Bear and his pals had a good time! And that is what matters, isn't it? Glad no one got seriously hurt and you and the sofa both survived!

  2. So glad they had a wonderful time! A glass of wine sounds well deserved and just what was needed.

  3. Well done you.
    We are both Saturday

  4. That sounds like a perfect young lads party - well done you. xxxx