Monday, 23 January 2017

I Was Outbid - Thank Goodness!

I'm quite glad that I was outbid.  Like most of us, I feel low at this time of year and it isn't safe to let me near eBay.  As it is we're going to be getting a dragon that sort of blows smoke.  It's a hollow figurine that has an incense cone inside and I'm sure that I'll lose interest quickly, especially as I'm trying to keep up with the dusting.  I'm hiding from eBay as I type.

Speaking of incense cones, there's one out there called 'The Witch's Curse'.  It's supposed to dispel negativity.  I can't think how something called a 'curse' is meant to be positive.  Link here for those who think I may have read it wrong (always possible)

I went to a church meeting today about the events for the year.  It's not even a church I attend, it's one where father went and I help out.  It was a group of the most lovely, awesome, genuinely, good people getting lost in details.  It was a lunch time meeting and I was genuinely considering whether I would get away with turning up in bear's playground after a serious gin.  Probably not.  As it was, bear had forgotten to hand his lunch money in again and I had to go with him to the office to hand it in.  They may have noticed if I had been swaying slightly.  I was glad I had stuck to a diet cola.


  1. Patterns and fabric are my downfall when I am feeling low so you are not alone.

  2. I saw that they had one called Angel's Touch, so maybe you can get one Witch's Curse and one Angel's Touch, just to be on the safe side. As for myself, I just buy plain old jasmine scented incense sticks - very lacking in imagination!