Thursday, 12 January 2017

Bear in Trouble

Bear is in trouble.  Since he was able to walk I have been playing war about him bouncing on the bed and on the sofa.  As DH was digging around for a lost toy he moved the bed and found four broken slats in the bed.

I have been unamused.

The bed is holding out, and bear is bearing up under my opinion of what has happened, why it happened and how much a new bed will cost.  I had a quick look at IKEA's website and I didn't see any highly reinforced beds guaranteed against bears.  I did notice that they sold the mattress base separately for some beds, so we may get away with only replacing the slats.

I'm more concerned about the sofa.  It's had ten years of hard wear, including me sleeping on it for a few years and bear hurling himself on it regularly despite everything I said.  So far it's stayed very sturdy.  Please let it stay sturdy for a while longer.


  1. We have had to replace a settee and beds courtesy the boys bouncing on them, now as adult sized teenagers they still 'plonk' on to furniture despite my protestations!

  2. Oh, no! At least he didn't fall through the broken slats! My daughter's bed is also from IKEA and she has a broken slat; we haven't gone about replacing it, yet, though. Here's hoping your sofa will continue to stay sturdy for a long time to come!

  3. Ruby has just had to have a replacement bed for the very same reason....jumping....the little momkey-x-

  4. I think the sofa has done pretty well! I'm glad my kids didn't go through that - we had pretty cheap furniture and hand-me-downs when they were little. I'm not sure it would have stood the bouncing!

  5. Sybs don't be too harsh on Bear as mine have done this and it happens surprisingly easily. We just measured the slats and visited the local wood yard and the lovely guys there cut me some new slats. It was a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new bed base and I have a couple of spare slats just in case they break again