Thursday, 19 January 2017

There Went Thursday

Today feels like a fail.  I did some things but I don't feel I did as much as I could.  I cleared up after what looked like eleventy ten cats but I suspect is actually only three but marking disputed territory.  That was fun.  The smart meter should be fitted on 2 February.  I've done a little washing a few bits of cleaning, a little sorting here, a little decluttering there but nothing I can really point at and say - I did that!

I also managed to help out a friend.  Someone elderly and vulnerable should only be discharged from hospital with a care plan in place.  I don't know exactly what is needed in England and Wales and what the criteria are, but if someone is vulnerable then there should be a care plan sorted before discharge.  I don't want to give details about today, but years ago uncle was sent home to a house where he didn't have anyone living with him and he was very unwell and confused (and we only found out when he got home).  There was no instant hot water except a kettle and no heating except a coal fire.  He was back in hospital shortly afterwards.  Someone who is vulnerable should have a meeting with a social worker to make sure that they can look after themselves and if they need help.  Once you're discharged from hospital then you miss your chance.  If you don't ask then you don't get assessed.  I'm putting this in for anyone who may find themselves with an elderly relative being discharged at daft o'clock to an empty home.  I suspect it happens more than it should.

On the bright side, I've found an awesome set of videos on YouTube (where I was hiding from the writing course) including this, the theme from Skyrim.  The performer, Peter Hollens, is an amazing performer and I feel that discovering him means the day wasn't wasted.


  1. All I managed to do today was prop myself up against the wotktop and make a cous cous salad and then fold one basket of washing. After that I was exhausted and had to go and lie down.
    You're doing OK girl.

  2. I'm sure if you managed to help a friend, then the day isn't wasted. I'm not sure what hospital discharge procedures here are like, but I know that they once moved my mother from the hospital (one day after she had spent several days intubated in Intensive Care following surgery) to a nursing home without notifying me! I went to visit her and she wasn't there! They told me they had told her daughter but I told them that I don't know who they told, but I was her daughter and no one had told me! I found my mother, an hour or so later, in the nursing home, quite disorientated and confused, not knowing what was happening. I was so angry!