Friday, 13 January 2017

Deceitful Weather

There hasn't been much snow here, hardly anything at all.  It's cold and blustery, but we are not suffering from snow drifts like parts of the UK and we are not threatened by the massive storm surge that has been forecast for some parts of the coast.  I wasn't exactly thrilled when I stepped out to take bear to school but I wasn't worried.  These are my front steps...

Do you see the faint, semi frozen, semi melted layer of snow?  I didn't, which is why I nearly went skating all the way down to land on my dignity.  I made a mad grab at the hand rail just in time.  Bear thought it was awesome.  I didn't.  I try and keep this family friendly so I'm not saying exactly what I thought but it was roughly 'darn it to heck'.

To be honest, it's been a 'darn it' sort of day.  I have several young lads coming round tomorrow to eat pizza and I am trying to get things in some sort of shape.  They are all lovely, all quite polite and well behaved, but the youngest is nine, the oldest is twelve and there is only so much you can expect.  My poor sofa.

Reading the comments of everyone else's experience was very comforting.  I've seen the bed slats here and they are less expensive than a new bed, though I quite like ravylesley's idea.  We can manage that.  What I don't want to have to manage is a new sofa.  The one I would like as a replacement is @ £340 linky and I really need to save up for that and as the bathroom is in a dreadful state, the windows all need doing and every floor in the house needs recovering it is not at the top of my list.

Today has been a high gravity day, and I am writing this instead of sorting out the house.  Two of the lads coming have asthma and there is a lot of dust.  I climbed up a ladder to the top of the big fireplace and realised it has literally been years since I dusted there.  I used a damp microfibre cloth but honestly I could have used a snow shovel.

I had better get back to work, but thanks for the encouragement.  I resigned myself to things happening to furniture on the day I had a boy, along with muddy football kit, scraped knees and toys I couldn't start to understand.  It is a constant delight to me.

Also, here is a gif that I found which made me laugh out loud.  I suppose worse things that some young lads could happen to a sofa


  1. I like the sofa you are wanting. I'd love to change ours which are both looking worse for wear but they will hopefully stand up to a bit more wear yet....if I arrange the cushions and quilts
    Sorry about your near miss on the steps-x-

  2. Yikes! Be careful on the steps and the ladder! Because we get a lot of snow and ice here I always keep a bucket of de-icer salt outside the back door. I usually toss it down before heading out. I try to be really careful going down the steps out of the back door as it is where I sprained my ankle - that resulted in two years of pain and finally surgery! It was the second time I'd sprained it at that spot so I'm extra careful.

    Hope all goes well with the house guests tomorrow. It seems a lot of work but you will miss it when Bear grows up - so enjoy while you can.

  3. Icy steps are very treacherous, aren't they? Glad you didn't get hurt! The video of the dog in the sofa made me laugh! Dancer has done something very similar to one of my living room sofas!