Saturday 28 June 2014

Another milestone

I am on my last roll of kitchen roll.  This is a strange feeling for me as I bought a massive amount as a big package from Makro, I think last year.  It was certainly a while ago and the dozens of rolls have been taking up far too much space.  However it has finally reached the end.  I have put two rolls on the order for next week from Tesco.

I don't get through much kitchen roll.  I either use a cloth or a piece of torn up newspaper.  Now we have a deep fat fryer (to my deep misgivings) I suppose I will get through some more kitchen roll as I will be draining stuff.  As it is I think I will miss the huge pile of disposable paper in the corner of the walk in cupboard - though I won't miss it enough to replace it!

It's a Tesco order this week as I am not getting anywhere near to spending the £40 I need for Morrisons, although that may be different when the school holiday starts.  Having a dozen kids in and out means that the treats will be raided that bit more.  I plan to stock up on extremely cheap haribo and ice pops.  I am looking forward to the kids to be honest.  This week I am chasing the best deal for 7up, as that is what father likes with his whisky.

I may have a look at some different drinks for me.  I feel like I ought to like herbal teas, but I don't really and I am starting to get bad reactions to drinking tea.  I need to cut back on my caffeine so nothing caffeinated and I don't want anything fattening.  Milk is out, coffee doesn't agree with me (plus the caffeine issues) and I'm looking sadly at value squash.  To father's utter horror I may have to give up alcohol, at least for the short term.  I tried some honeycomb vodka (from Fuze) and it tasted absolutely heavenly.  I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately it didn't agree with me either.  I didn't have enough to make me tipsy but I had enough to give me heartburn that kept me up all night.  Sigh.  I won't miss the empty calories.

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  1. I enjoy redbush tea and find it very refreshing - and caffeine free. It is a much nicer taste than "normal" tea, and available all over the place, even in Lidl these days xxx