Thursday 19 June 2014


After the last few years of very odd weather it is nice to see the flowers settling down.  The orange blossom along the main road is in full flower just after Whitsun which is when it normally flowers and the neglected privet at the end of the street is starting to bloom.  The local poplars are shedding their seeds so the street has a certain 'duvet has just been sick in a corner' feel with the fluffy seeds blowing everywhere.  I walked past the privet yesterday and caught the first scent and thought - Wimbledon.  The privet always blooms in time for Wimbledon apart from the last few years when to be honest it has been all over the place.

I love this time of year when the flowers are all out.

On the other hand I was sipping a very nice drink last night, drinking honeycomb infused vodka neat because it was 'only' 25% proof.  That is three and a half times as strong as the sangria I just poured down the sink (don't tell father!).  I think I am becoming a bit blase about drink.

I'll try and get a picture of the privet tomorrow, though it is still a bit green.  I love the smell of the flowers and you don't get the blossom in many places.

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