Monday 30 June 2014

Muddling Monday

I feel unreasonably fed up.  There is no reason to be grumpy about anything, just the little niggles but I think it is the way I am reacting to them that is the problem.  I drank a load of cheap fizz I got in to see if it would stand for 7up (it doesn't) and that hasn't helped.  Another thing that is driving me mad is that the symbols and numbers on my keyboard are only working intermittently and currently not working well at all.  To get the brackets in the last but one sentence I had to go to word, insert symbol, copy and paste and that has completely messed up the font on here.  Grumble, grumble and more grumble.  It is a nuisance as I need to be writing and I need my exclamation marks, but it is very minor in the scheme of things. 

On the bright side, bear took part in a tournament yesterday and came fourth out of twelve.  I am so proud of him.  It's not the fourth place - yes I would be gloating if he was first, but his attitude.  When he was fighting for bronze he took a real wallop to the head as the first contact and the ref did check that he was okay to continue.  Of course he was wearing the head guard and such, and it left no mark or even a headache, but my little bear kept going.  He is getting a treat as a reward.  He is also getting a reward for being in the school's special book for using advanced vocabulary.  Given some of the stuff he has been watching on YouTube, I was quite relived when the word was something like 'exemplary' and not 'exponential' or 'logistics'.  

However this morning bear was putting on another Oscar winning performance saying that he was completely unable to move to the bathroom to wash his face let alone manage the hundreds of yards to school due to a completely different bruise.  He ran into a wall.  All I can say is that if it had been an inch or two higher I think I would have gone to A[insert character &]E to check for ribs.  It is just under there and a cracking bruise.  His knees look like they have been sandpapered.  Now a particular set of neighbours has moved out I can let him out without worrying and I let him go for it.  I am getting quite blas√© {there are some uses for insert character after all} about saying, 'okay, let me look at it, can you move it, hold still, look at me, okay, let's sit still for a second... okay you want to go out again - fine!'

I got in a few small packs of haribos.  They are evaporating.  I think it is brilliant.  And counting my blessings {and thinking about bear} has cheered me up enough to get me back to the ironing. 

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