Tuesday 1 July 2014

Today was a Good Day

I survived Monday evening.  Bear does not like travelling to anything so getting him across town to his martial arts extra lesson was a challenge.  In fact, it was a miracle that I got him on the bus.  He was being heavily bribed as he had come fourth in the tournament and been in the special book so he was getting a treat from The Entertainer.  He had a huge budget {for us}, because he had kept going in his tournament when it got tough.

First of all we went to the Vegan Cafe which actually does more than vegan food.  Bear had his favourite, cheese on beans on toast.  He goes there most Saturdays with DH and is shamefully indulged by the staff there.  Bear is happy to be indulged, though, and stuffed his face.  Then we went to the Entertainer.  Perhaps it was as well that we went to the cafe first as I am not sure that they would have approved of a stonking great toy rifle looking remarkably like the Winchester 1873 rifle that he picked up next.  It is a weighty, magnificent piece with a serious cocking action and bear thinks it is amazing.  He was so taken with it that I managed to get him onto the bus to the Academy where he was training without too much fuss.

Today bear had his school Sports Day.  Bear was unimpressed that his team didn't win in the first half of the day {he came 4th} but as he won his own race he was quite chirpy.  It was a 'carry a plastic ball on a paper plate' race, but bear was so determined and focused that he will be getting the reward he has asked for {though definitely lesser than the stonking rifle replica}.  Then DH and I went out for a quiet meal.

I am still having issues with the keyboard, so I am struggling to write.  On the bright side I ought to have more time for housework.  However I did end up writing my answer to Light and Shade's Monday's Challenge on my mobile at two in the morning without my glasses.  It needed a bit of translation when I woke up this morning, but I'm pleased enough with it.  If you are interested it is on my other blog and while there is a hint of two in the morning about it, it doesn't quite show that it was written on a mobile.

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