Wednesday 2 July 2014


Today I did some weeding.  This was to spare father, who has been doing some work at the church.  At nearly 83 he should realise that he shouldn't be plastering and painting but the penny hasn't dropped yet.  I filled a bucket full of weeds and there are plenty more to cut back yet.

I found this photo on by micromoth

Our garden is covered in it.  We definitely didn't plant it but it seems too pretty to just uproot willynilly.  It's called ivy leaved toadflax and is very pretty but very assertive.  Speaking of assertive, nettle stings can get through disposable vinyl gloves.  I am prickled.

Bear wore his kit in the tournament on Sunday.  I washed it.  He wore it to his lesson on Monday.  I washed it.  He wore it to his lesson last night.  I washed it.  Today he wore it to demonstrate some moves in the Assembly at school.  Apparently he wore all his protective stuff and did a form and a jumping back kick.  I have no idea how it went but as bear came in, got changed, grabbed sweets and squash and has been playing happily outside ever since then I guess he is fine.  The kit is in the wash.

It is really cloudy and gloomy here, but I suspect I will still have to go out and water the plants again.  I don't mind so much if bear gets to play out.

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