Sunday 20 July 2014

Father has had a Stroke

He was planning on going to the GP's surgery tomorrow when I found him.  I explained that he needed to get medical attention a little bit before that.  He is currently in hospital, barely able to stand and struggling.  He is nil by mouth as it looks like his swallowing has been affected.  It has been an issue for some time, hopefully it will now be sorted so he can eat soon.

Bear has D&V.  I also suspect tonsilitis but he is a lot brighter today.  However it means I can't take him to school tomorrow.  If I take him in and spread D&V on the last day of term, the other mums would rightly hunt me down.

It also means I can't take him to an acute ward.  I really understand this.  I think that one of the neighbours will be able to keep him when I nip into see father at the hospital.

Father was in good spirits and while he is struggling with words, he is still with it.  He is a bit worried, but I know he will be well looked after.

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