Friday 18 July 2014

Very Sorry

Sorry about the gap.  I am feeling a bit sorry for myself but will snap out of it soon.  I am actually a bit ashamed of feeling so sorry for myself.  Normal service will be resumed shortly.

The time since the last post has been, I suppose, normal for me.  Highlights are as follows.

I set the cooker on fire but DH saved it with amazing swiftness.  It still works so I am holding off buying a new mini oven.

Father has been using his sickle and is exhausted very quickly.  The church have persuaded my octogenarian father with his iffy knees, dodgy blood pressure and general lack of stability that he really shouldn't be the one replacing the drainpipes.  I have threatened to hide his trousers if I find him up a ladder after he volunteered to clean high coving at the church.  This offer was politely rejected by the lovely people at the church.  However father is still overseeing the fabric of the church and I am a little unimpressed.

Bear had a truly stupendously brilliant report and his SATS for the end of Year 2 were excellent.  He was treated to a visit to the York Chocolate Museum.  The museum is amazing but the toilets are horrific.  They were very clean but so narrow that even my skinny bear struggled to get in and out and if you breathe in too deeply you set off the hand dryer.

Nice Mr Next Door is still on iffy ground with the cars on the street and there may be bad happenings.  Someone official with a clipboard and hi vis vest was around again today.

Bear has been under the weather and has had a nasty cough.  He sleeps through his nocturnal coughing fits but I don't.  I'm on my knees.  He was off school today, and while I hate him missing the fun stuff at the end of turn, poor bear was just laying around half asleep.  His tonsils are looking lovely and red.  I got told off by the doctor last time for missing them.  They are not yet that bad, but I think the first week of the holiday may be looking a bit bad for bear.

Father has started getting very drunk very quickly.  I am a little worried as normally he could drink most people under the table.  This talent seems to have faded.

Bear has been watching maths programmes on YouTube.  You would not believe how grateful I am that he hasn't asked me to explain anything.  One of the programmes is Dara O'Briain's School of Hard Sums.  I'm not sure exactly how much bear understood and I suspect very little, but he seemed happy enough.

Father had a fall in town when he was checking train times for trips out.  He glossed over it very quickly and mentioned it only as an aside.  I am a bit concerned that other falls have happened when I haven't been looking and have not been mentioned.

So things continue very normally.  Sorry to have let this lapse from self indulgence and I am sure I will be wittering on regularly soon.

Now off to try and sleep through the outdoor party next door.  It's not that bad, and it is nice to be outside in this weather, so I don't want to complain.  However what with one thing and another I just hope I can get off okay.


  1. Lovely to hear from you again. I always find the end of the summer term tough, everyone is tired and ready for a break but there is still lots going on. Hope you had a good nights sleep, Bear recovers and Father takes care of himself Best wishes Louise x

  2. Hi WS, nice to see you posting again. What with your Father & Bear you are definitely part of the sandwich generation, I just hope you don'r get spread too thinly.