Monday 21 July 2014

Pretending Things are Normal

Thank you for the good wishes.  Father on a drip but okay.

So, shopping.  I've weighed up deliveries for over the summer and shuddered.  There are large numbers of kids wandering in and out at weekends and I don't suppose the summer will be much different.

I looked at the different sites.  In the end I came down to Tesco.  Their delivery saver is £6 per month for a minimum of six months but I can get a maximum of one delivery per day at any time for that.  It means that I don't have to hold out for Tuesday lunchtimes and the £1 delivery slots.  I have booked a slot on the Sunday morning the day before bear's martial arts camp for packed lunch and that delivery slot would have normally cost £6 in itself.

I will still be getting the occasional deliveries from other stores, depending on the sale of things like Famous Grouse.  That is, if father can still drink.  DH likes a whisky now and again, so it will still be worth looking out for.  On balance I think that the lack of variety in offers will offset the convenience of regular deliveries and I really need to make sure I remember to cancel it as it auto renews and it is on the card, not a proper direct debit so it is like the way payday loans operate.

The other downside is that the minimum order needs to be £25.  I suspect that I will have problems reaching that on some deliveries so I plan to stock up on things like toilet paper when I need a lot of deliveries during the holidays and use up the excess over the winter months when hopefully I need fewer deliveries.

I am looking forward to the ease of the deliveries though, especially if father is poorly and I can't get out at all.

Bear is poorly and slumped down watching Ben 10 videos.  For 'hit things until the problem is solved' type cartoons it isn't too bad.  A neighbour should be able to watch him when I go to see father.

So I am pottering about with shopping and bits and things and not thinking about much.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your father. If the stroke has affected his speech/swallowing as well as making one side weaker so his mobility and balance are compromised then he will need a period of rehabilitation following the acute hospital stay. Is he in a specialist stroke ward? If not, are they going to move him to one? Talk to someone at the Stroke Association and find out if they have some local support services you can plug into. Given your father's recent change in ability to process alcohol there may be something going on with his liver as well. If they haven't done a liver function test, make sure they do one. Don't accept his discharge until he has had a full assessment and an appropriate package of care has been agreed. Ask for an appointment to see the consultant by ringing his secretary while you are on the ward. Ask the ward clerk to help you. Good luck!