Saturday 5 July 2014

Washing Machine

There are lots of good places to get a washing machine.  There are places like Gumtree and Freecycle, there are stalls on markets and some shabby looking shops.  There are small ads and cards in windows - all of them very inexpensive.

I admit that I prefer to buy anything electrical new from somewhere vaguely reputable.  If I can scrape the money together then I think it is safer going through channels that are less likely to be positive if there is a problem.  Fortunately I think I can scrape some money together to buy a washing machine.

I have been browsing my favourite places to shop - ebay, amazon, Topcashback - and seeing what was around.  I have just picked up the last bits of bear's uniform from Debenhams' shop on ebay, and I saw the perfect washing machine for me in a similar sort of outlet shop.  It is a Beko, it has an okay energy rating of A+, and most importantly it has variable temperature.  I was told that the most expensive bit of running a washing machine was heating the water, and UK washing machines usually fill with cold water and heat the water in the machine.  All the decent washing powder brands will wash okay at low temperatures and despite bear's best efforts none of our clothes are that dirty so I like to do a longer wash at a lower temperature.  I had a look around at the same model on different sites and it looks a good deal - at least fifty pounds cheaper than elsewhere.

It's from Argos.  I have bought a washer from Argos before.  I was threatening to take them to the small claims court at one point.  It was not a happy transaction.

Regretfully, I'll keep on looking.  I would rather save that amount of anguish and mental strife than the money.

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