Thursday 3 July 2014

Very, very, very minor problem

I follow blogs and lots of people out there are having real problems and troubles and I am so aware that my trouble of today was minor.  I feel a bit ashamed of being fed up.  On the other hand I shut the cutlery drawer with more emphasis than normal and the front fell off.  I was too fed up to even swear, I just looked at it and carried on.

There's no hope of fixing it back on, the thin plastic thingy that held it on has snapped completely.  To be fair the kitchen is not only older than bear, I would put some money at being nearly my age.  It is certainly over twenty years old and I think it was as much age as temper.  

I can still use the cupboard underneath and I will.  I will empty the plastic bag rolls and bulldog clips out of one drawer and into a box to keep in a cupboard and I can put the cutlery drawer in that.  It's not a big deal.  I am weighing up the chance of getting a standalone cupboard to go there. 

It will have to wait.  The electric mini oven which has given sterling service for less than £50 is on it's way out.  It isn't cooking properly.  As the gas oven has always been a bit temperamental this has left me relying on the halogen oven, remoska and the microwave, so hardly in a bad place.  It did leave the apple and blackcurrant crumble with a kind gift of blackcurrants sort of scorching in the halogen, but it wasn't too bad.  If I had put more sugar in it would have been better.  

On top of that the washing machine is looking very creaky.  The soap drawer is feeling very peculiar when I open and shut it and I suspect that using white vinegar as softener can corrode a spring.  It is actually a washer dryer and at least five years old which is a bit longer than the three years a washer dryer is supposed to last.  

So next month I can look at it as, 'Great, shopping opportunity for electricals.' or I can look at it as 'Bugger, not much change out of £300 if I'm lucky.'  I can't manage without a washer, and I'm really missing the mini oven.

I am also looking rather tentatively at a pound of under-ripe gooseberries that a really lovely person gave to me.  I'm off to google microwave gooseberry jam.  I'm bound to get a few hits, surely.

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