Thursday 24 July 2014

Same old sums

I am weighing up the totals - again!

Do I buy a half sized tin of kidney beans for 40p or do I buy a full sized value tin of kidney beans for 30p and throw half away?

I am morally against throwing food out just because it's convenient, and I know that I won't use the second half up in any time soon.  On the other hand, ten pence is ten pence.  Of course then there is the issue of landfill (we do not have a composter) and the energy and resources for the different sized tins.  It is currently looking likely I will get the smaller one, but I am wavering.  I know you need to read the labels but sometimes I wonder if it is worth all the mental energy.

Father is unchanged.


  1. Use half, and freeze the other half for another day?

  2. Yes, I find things like that annoying too. Could you freeze the other half; not sure how successful it would be; maybe the texture would suffer? Not sure. I know people do cook and then freeze dried beans (I do it with chickpeas) and that works. Or are you making a stew that they could go in? Maybe not in this weather, but when I make bolognaise, I often save half and add chilli powder and kidney beans. Hope that's of some help.