Wednesday 23 July 2014

Far too Warm

I don't do well in the heat, so I am making the best of it until I can start complaining about how cold I am.

Thank you for all good wishes and great advice.  I am very grateful.

Father coughed up his feeding tube.  He can't talk, can't swallow and can't write notes.  I took bear to see him today and bear was in pieces.  To be honest, so was I.

DH is being a hero.  My neighbours are also being stars.

Approved Food delivered just as I was on the toilet and as I rushed downstairs bear knocked water over where the computer is plugged into the socket.  There was no harm done but I don't think the delivery man was impressed.  It wasn't my usual one, so hasn't learned that there are hazards delivering here.

Tesco are delivering tomorrow as I am abusing the delivery saver.  I am just glad to get a delivery.

Morrisons are doing the 'spend £40 per week for a month and get some money back' deal - and it is ridiculously easy to do that.  It is also available on deliveries.  However I am not going to be reaching £40 per delivery, I am much more comfortable with the £25, and hope to struggle to get that sometimes.  Which reminds me I had better get off and add onions to the list.

Approved Food order contained some little Goblin steak and kidney pies that I ordered for father's lunches.  I hope he can eat them soon.

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  1. Have been wondering how dear Father is getting on - remembering you all in prayer.
    Much love xxx