Sunday 6 July 2014

Sunday Lunch Again

When will I learn?  I bought a pancake maker.  It is a little pan that is supposedly non-stick and you pour pancake batter into it and then turn the pan.  Having bought that I added some packets of pancake batter onto the Approved Food order as my batter is almost as bad as my pastry and you can tile a roof with my pastry.

Epic Fail.

First of all the 'nifty dispenser' did not 'nifty dispense'.  Instead batter overflowed the pan that it was designed to niftily dispense' into and overflowed all over the stove.  Then the alleged non-stick stuck and it all went horribly wrong when I tried to turn it over.  I had an overdose of batter clinging on to the 'non-stick' part of the pan and gently smoking in the over heating oil on the other side.

I got out my flat griddle.  I had a bit of a fail then as I was looking at the timings of the pancake pan which apparently is a bit of a delicate flower and can't take high heat.  A griddle is designed for heat.  All I really can say is that the smoke alarm definitely works.  DH got us burgers from MacDonalds.

Now all I need to worry about is the pork steaks that I am currently defrosting.  They are not defrosting very quickly, and I can't bung them in the fridge for tomorrow as tomorrow is fish n chips after bear's martial arts lesson on the other side of town.  I may try microwave defrosting it just before I start cooking but I always feel a little nervous about that as it is pork.  There isn't even an 'r' in the month.  However at least I have some nice tinned ham in reserve with plenty of veggies fresh and ready to go, so hopefully that is safe.

Now off to clean the cooker.


  1. Please don't give up writing your blog-I really enjoy it

  2. Thinking of you Sybil and hoping that all is well. Lorna