Friday 6 June 2014

What a Wasted Day

This week has not been a highlight.  Wednesday I lost my shoes (don't ask).  Yesterday I lost a jar of sauce.  Today I lost all motivation.

Yesterday I had a go at pulled pork.  The idea was that I would cook the pork in the slow cooker and then pull it and add a jar of sauce in the end.  I had an inexpensive jar of sauce, a shoulder of pork, what more did I want?  For a start I couldn't find the jar.  I wanted to pull the pork and add the sauce in good time because I had to do dinner in shifts and I was also trying out the deep fat fryer.  I have bought Asda's least expensive bottom of the range deep fat fryer, with many misgivings.  I don't want to add a lot of fat to the diet and I am a bit nervous about deep fat frying since I set the chip pan on fire - which I think is a very reasonable response.

I have finally surrendered and got one as father doesn't like oven chips, the halogen oven is great with lots of things but not this and DH has been desperate for proper chips.  I thought if all else fails people can have egg and chips. Trying to feed everyone is a bit of a problem.  Everyone likes something different.

Sooooo, the pulled pork ended up being cooked with a jar of hoi sin sauce from Approved Food (turned out lovely, actually) then I opened the cupboard to get the oil out for the new fryer and found the jar of barbecue that had been intended.

Today I have managed to pay the road tax, which is something, and I have also managed to get the washer and dishwasher on, which is also something but a very minor something.

I'm starting again tomorrow.

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