Wednesday 4 June 2014

Wittering Wednesday

I am a bit tired.  For one reason or another I didn't get to bed that early.  After a few broken nights and an early start this morning (bear woke me three hours before we needed to leave the house for school) I think I will not try and do complicated thinking.

Bear is a lot better this morning.  He is off to a wildlife park where he will be walking around with the rest of the school.  The forecast is for unrelenting rain.  I will be ready with hot chocolate when he gets in.

Yesterday was a bit of a trial.  He really did want my full, unrelenting, focused attention all day, and with the aches, pains and lack of sleep I struggled.  I also struggled when he demanded that I go through all the continents with him, and their countries, and all about their countries.  He has showing off spelling photosynthesis and looking at child friendly YouTube videos about the solar system.  I felt a bit ragged at the end of the day and when the kitchen light blew I nearly burst into tears.

On the bright side I got embroiled in a stonking discussion on Mumsnet.  I feel quite smug now.  As a result can I draw people's attention the Freeman on the Land movement and a link to the reason why you should never, ever accept legal advice from them.  Linky is here  Seriously, do not get involved.  I am not linking to the discussion on Mumsnet as the language I used was very, very bad indeed.  It is not family friendly.  It is intemperate in the extreme.  It would not surprise a sailor.  I got a bit carried away.

I still daren't visit uncle with this temperature I have, father is not well either.  I hope all this settles down soon.


  1. Try these for Bear, Syb.

    1. What an amazing site! I will share with bear. Thank you, it is very, very useful. WS xxx