Monday 2 June 2014

Review of the Week

So far the idea of setting weekly targets has been a bit limp.  However I think it is worthwhile pursuing so I'll carry on.

Last week I got less knitting than I had hoped for.  I am not so worried.  The World Cup and Wimbledon will be on soon, so I expect to finish a lot of my knitting then.  One World Cup saw me finish three sweaters.

The textile mountain I left when we went to Whitby was sadly still there when we got back.  And the writing was tough last week as I didn't get much chance.  I am not surprised that I didn't get much done.

This week has not started on a great note.  I was up at 4am with bear who didn't make it into school.  DH is not well.  Father is better than he has been, but is not great.  The chances of me making it to see uncle in the next few days are fading and I am quite upset.  The hope of being able to just 'get on' with stuff today has vanished, and if bear is poorly then I do need to drop everything (and he is running a magnificent temperature) and I don't mind.  However I think I will set low targets for the week ahead.

If father keeps messing up my ideas for meals I will not be responsible.  I mentioned to him that DH wasn't likely to eat tonight, so father instantly jumped in with a request for food that I don't have in and don't have any way of getting.  Every time I open my mouth about food in his presence something dreadful happens.  I am going to get in some inexpensive frozen meals and he can have them when this happens.  It's either that or hit him with the new omelette pan.  I need to try and get on top of using up what is in, making meals and somehow getting everyone to actually eat roughly the same thing at the same time.  Every time father mentions 'a nice bit of pork' I see DH wince.

I am setting my targets for this week.  I am going to chip away at the fabric mountain as and when.  I am going to finish chopping up the denim shirts for patchwork.  I am going to research food, recipes and options for shopping.  I am going to research, plan and attempt a cleaning schedule that will work with me.  I am going to plan a schedule to blitz the house to make the cleaning schedule possible and work that around the males in my life.  Much of this can be done if I need to spend time with a poorly bear.  I am also going to aim for 2000 words per day, which is possible but only if I manage a full night's sleep which depends on bear.  That will do for this week.

I also washed bear's book bag.  It was less successful than I had hoped.  I managed to get the worst of the muck off, but it is still looking like it has been used every school day for the last three years.  I will consider getting a new one for bear for September.  He is clear on this - if he gets a new one it has to look exactly the same, no messing about and no trying to do stuff with this sewing machine rubbish.

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