Tuesday 10 June 2014

Bearly there

Yesterday bear airily told me that he needed to be dressed red, white and blue for school on Wednesday.  Apparently the bit of paper that was going to tell me all about this has gone missing.  I mentally reviewed bear's clothing and nipped in to Matalan.  Okay, it was an excuse to buy bear some clothes but I picked up a rather nice nearly red, cream and faded navy t-shirt for £3.

As we come home from school bear explains that he needs to be in shorts, as it is a sports day.  I nearly said a rude word.  I am not sure bear has any shorts that fit.  I rang the school.  Yes, not only should he be in red, white and blue and shorts/jogging bottoms suitable for sports but he should also bring £1.  I nearly said a rude word then as well.  I didn't feel better when the nice lady in the office (who is actually very nice) helpfully pointed out that they have this every year.  I mentioned that not only had I forgotten about last year but while I could vaguely think that it was this year I didn't realise it was going to be tomorrow. 

There is a large number of very lovely children recently moved in to nearby houses.  I am going to have to take up baking as there is up to a dozen kids playing nicely in front of my house including bear and it is hard if I can't have anything to hand out.  

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