Wednesday 18 June 2014

Lovely and Calm

I have nothing much to write about.  All is rather dull.  Uncle is lucid, father is in Devon overfeeding my brother's dog and bear now apparently has two girlfriends.  He wants me to arrange play dates over the summer with both of them probably at soft play, but not on the same day.  If he was older I would be laying down the law.  As it is I am just hoping I can look both of the girls' parents in the eye.

Bear also started a sparring class in Taekwondo.  It was the instructor's idea, and bear seemed to enjoy it a great deal.  He was paired against a black belt at one point, a lad more than twice bear's age and nearly twice his height.  The black belt was really sweet and while encouraging bear to practice properly was very gentle with him.  Though actually if bear is courting two girls even at seven years old he needs to learn how to take a punch.

Actually bear was acting the wounded warrior this morning, his leg being far too poorly to make it to school.  This was from falling in the street and not from the extremely well run Taekwondo classes.  We got about twenty yards from the house with bear limping pitifully, before realising that bear had forgotten his book bag.  Bear then did a very impressive sprint to the house, dashed in, grabbed the book bag and ran out.  He then remembered his bad leg and started limping again.

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