Thursday, 10 November 2016

Another Day, Another Mystery Pain

The thing about snow, it is a wonderful plot device.  There are always tracks.  I found these at tea time last night.

It isn't the effect of drips as there is nothing overhead.  So is it rats, starlings or a local cat?

I've done something to my arm.  Yesterday lunch time my arm felt fine.  Yesterday tea time I could barely move it.  I can't brush my hair properly and dressing is a challenge.  I keep having to literally pick my right arm up with my left arm and move it over to the keyboard if I want to do any typing, but I can type.  I ought to be doing some right now.

I've been speaking to someone at father's old church.  I'm doing the bran tub at the Christmas Fair, apparently.  I don't mind, but I have never done a bran tub.  My friend, eBay, has been really helpful with some cheap stocking filler type stuff for kids.  I can get some soaps from my friend as well, but if anyone has any ideas for adult bran tub that are extemely inexpensive I will be grateful


  1. I am sorry your arm hurts; I hope it gets better, soon. I had to look up what a bran tub was, but maybe some candy/chocolates, ornaments, candles, etc.?

  2. Hope your arm feels better soon! Maybe you just pulled something. Sometimes I have aches and pains and I just don't know how I got them!

    Sounds like you're going to have fun at the Christmas Fair. There aren't too many of those over here.

    Have a great weekend!