Monday 28 November 2016

Mixed Weekend

I was up until daft o'clock Friday night, but I managed to get a delivery slot for 23 December from Tesco.  I've bunged some stuff in to hold my place but I'll be getting a lot in the run up, just to be on the safe side.  The way I see it, getting frozen sprouts, Christmas pudding and such like in before the absolute manic rush makes things a lot easier.  btw Tesco are doing a very pleasant looking three bird roast that is gluten free, so that looks like Boxing Day's dinner.

Then I had to be up early as I was doing the lucky dip at the Methodist Church Christmas Fair.  The fair was awesome, but I was shattered at the end.  It was surprisingly successful, and I will be happy to run it again.

Of course, while I was running the stall I had a huge red scab on the tip of my nose as I woke up with a sort of skinned space where my skin graft used to be.  I need to try and get hold of a doctor, but it isn't bleeding or too sore so it can wait until bear is better.

I had a very quiet Sunday, partly because walking is a challenge.  I've done something interesting to my knee.  I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, which was a shame as bear started being sick at 2am and carried on.

On the bright side, I've nearly finished the blanket for uncle.

Now I am off to cancel the light fitters that are supposed to be here tomorrow as I cannot face them with a vomiting bear, even though I am desperate for lights that let me see.

It could all be a lot worse, though, and so I plan to crack on with the knitting and enjoy shedloads of Arrow.


  1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about Bear. Hopefully it will be over soon. Sorry about your knee! Been having a little trouble with mine since I had trouble with my ankle and now that the weather is getting colder it seems to be playing up.

    Glad the Christmas fair went well. Mum said she helped out at hers the other week and was happy to win something! She rarely wins anything and has won something the last two times.

    Take care

  2. Oh Sybil, so sorry to hear about your nose, knee & bear, you really are going through the mill at the moment. Hugs.

  3. Sorry to hear that Bear is sick, you've done something to your knee, and the skin graft seems to have come off! Glad that the Christmas fair was successful, you are almost finished with the blanket, and, it sounds like you've got Christmas dinner organized. Hope Bear gets better, soon, and you are able to get your doctor's appointment, your knee feels better, too, and you are able to get the lights done.