Wednesday 9 November 2016

Snow - Not Amused

We have snow.  I can't remember much snow at all last year.  I don't approve of it at all.  There may not be much, but there is still too much for me.  There is snow on the lavender

And I suppose we can say goodbye to the fuschia until spring

I know that anyone who comes from a country where you get actual snow in quantity will be sniggering, but I loathe the stuff.  I haven't got my bulbs in either.

Apparently the Met Office has given a warning that the next few months will be a little colder than average.  This is the same organisation that predicted a BBQ summer (which was a washout) and told viewers in October 1987 not to worry about the wind (anyone remember the Great Storm?).  According to the BBC, 1,200 troops have been put on standby to deal with weather related problems. This has not cheered me up.  


  1. Yikes! You got snow before us. Hope Mum didn't get any. She will not be pleased. Last year she was happy that the winter was mild. She looked on with amusement at my snow pictures.

  2. Snow! Already? Hope it melts away soon and you get a chance to get your bulbs in. Your fuschia is lovely!