Wednesday 30 November 2016

Feeling the Cold

My nose is looking a lot less like Frankenstein's monster, so I'm keeping it all crossed.  However it is a lot more sensitive to cold, and it is now officially cold.  The local council issued an amber warning that there may be colder than average weather this week.  To those of you who live in places where it gets actually cold, try not to snigger too much.  It has been frosty.  Last night when I went to put the bin out for collection, the lid was frozen shut.  As last winter was notoriously warm it has come as something of a shock.

I think it has seen off the fuschia.  If you remember how vibrant it was here,

Well now it looks very drained

The flowers are looking very faded.

It feels the time of year to snuggle down and make the home cosy.  That's the plan for tomorrow.  I also want to look out my extra blankets.  It feels like we may need them.


  1. When I talked to Mum today she said it had been really cold. We were actually warmer than her today! That makes a change for us in winter. I always keep several blankets handy and snuggle up with them as I tend to feel the cold. Hubby reminds me that once the 21st December comes the days will start getting longer. That thought alone gets me through winter!

  2. I sympathize with you over the cold weather. The fuschia is looking a little tired, but at least it still has some flowers! Do you cut it down for the winter?