Thursday 3 November 2016

Another Day, Another Pootle

I'm on day four of the headache.  It's being giving me problems and today is a lot better, though it still hurts to move.  I haven't been able to do much, not even knit!  I have been browsing the internet.  I did some binge watching of Arrow.  Unfortunately my head was really bad so I have no idea what's happening except an impression of an implausibly amazing bow and arrow and a lot of scenes where the hero has his shirt off.  It could be worse.

Today I found this in the Daily Mail (I really need to stop reading it, but I read so little fiction as it is...).  It is an article about how dreadful wipes are to the environment and what you can use instead.  It even includes baby wipes in the list.  This is surprising.  Not because of the baby wipes themselves but because the article includes a video showing how to curl your hair using baby wipes.  I have seen YouTube videos like this and instructables about reusable kitchen roll, where snaps are sewn onto squares of cloth which can be joined together and then wound around a kitchen roll dispenser instead of using kitchen towel.  I've got a box with ratty cloths in suitable for most mop ups.  I don't think I'm a Martha Stewart type.

If anyone has tried those 're-usable cloths on a roll' type things, are they worth it?

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  1. Lol at the Arrow comments! My hubby and middle son wanted to start watching it on Netflix. If nothing else the lead guy is nice to watch!