Wednesday 23 November 2016

What School Would Like

Grumble grumble grumble...

School have sent home two letters.  Letter number one says that they are having a Christmas jumper day on 14 December and can the children either wear a Christmas jumper or a brighly coloured jumper.  That's plenty of notice, really, and they were very clear that we didn't need to buy one.  The trouble is,  I don't think bear has a sweater that qualifies.  We don't bother with Christmas sweaters so much.  I quite like seeing them on other people but  DH doesn't wear sweaters at all, I begrudge buying a sweater that will be bought to wear once a year and bear takes after his father and doesn't bother much with any sweater ever.  Sometimes he wears a hoodie on his way to football, but hoodies aren't allowed in school.  Bear and I have discussed this, and he agreed that I will try and find him a bright sweater.  It's still not going to get much wear but at least a little more than one with a flashing Rudolph.  I'm putting a note in my diary to look for Christmas sweaters on eBay in January in bear's next size up, just in case.

Letter number two is asking for £12 for the ukele lessons that the school are providing for all of bear's class.  It is marginally better than the recorder but I'm not a fan.  Besides, I can only get bear to practice the piano under strict duress so I don't know how much twanging he'll do.  Still, it's free lessons and it won't hurt.


  1. Schools really annoy me with "wear your own clothes" days for charity or even cheekier - school funds -. I used to work in school and often found children who could not afford the £1 but daren't come in uniform for fear of being bullied. So then the class teacher used to be cross with them for not bringing in the money. Also the children from poorer households did not have the designer clothes so they were targets for bullying again. I think that uniform is a good idea as it is a good leveller. Rant over ha ha. You seem quite inventive I am sure that you could let your imagination run riot on a cheap jumper.

  2. I'm expected to join in with this too as I work in a school, for a donation of £1, I can wear jeans to work. I don't own any jeans!
    At Christmas my 'team' think up something we can all wear at the same time, one year it was a Christmas jumper £9.99, I went along with this as I knew my DD needed a Christmas jumper a week later to wear to work and was struggling to afford one, so I passed mine on to her. Last year it was a dress from Primark, only £16.99, for a dress I didn't like and would never wear again, so I didn't join in. My lack of enthusiasm was noted and disapproved of. I am thick skinned, I couldn't give a flying! This years outfit has not been decided upon yet, I doubt if I'll join in this year either.

  3. There always seems to be something, doesn't there? I can't see buying something that won't be used again. That would be a big grumble of mine. I don't think I'd bother, but that's tough for kids. It would be better if it was a tee shirt - at least it would be cheaper!