Friday 18 November 2016

Bathroom Battle

The shower isn't working.  We need a new one.  The one we have is around fifteen years old and was cheap, cheap, cheap to start with.  I had been holding out until we could afford to do the whole bathroom, but we can't last any more.  I mean, we could do baths or strip washes, but bear comes in late from football some nights and he really needs a quick hose down before straight to bed.  Of course, the shower is a lot less expensive than a bath as well.

I spent most of Wednesday and yesterday trying to find someone who would do this.  Not only did I have to stop them selling to me, I had to get them to ring me back.  I had one firm casually insist that I use their recommended shower at £250 plus VAT.  However at this point I had checked out Which's site which recommends good buys and one that I quite liked came in at £103, which is a lot less expensive.  The lady on the phone, who was very nice, gave me two options.  I could get the shower by tomorrow and have it fitted by them or they could fit their own brand by tomorrow.  I suggested option 3 - I found someone else.

I finally got a visit this afternoon and hopefully we should have a shower installed some time next week.

btw we have had sleet, cold rain, a few flakes of snow and general meh.  So here is a picture of my warmth-loving, frost sensitive, only just about hardy enough to grow in Yorkshire fuschia.

It's as bright as ever.  I blame father, who planted this monster when it was a small stick.  Other people have fuschias that are frost tender and need to be brought in.  I think this will survive anything.  We had one when we were growing up (which father also planted) that was supposed to be only grown in a sheltered spot.  Hah!  It grew so big it cracked a soil pipe, which didn't help, and we had to hack it back twice a year to let the postman through.  It grew bigger than most of the local laburnams and was the King Kong of garden plants.  Cuttings taken by my mother after the divorce never grew larger than twigs.  I think this is going the same way.


  1. Hope the shower gets done in no time flat!

    We had it really sunny and quite warm in Michigan here today. Let me tell you it's not normally like that in November. In fact tomorrow our temperature is due to DROP 18c and we are forecast snow!

    Hope you have a good weekend