Sunday 6 November 2016

Bear's Reward

Bear did not get a reward for parent's evening as he hadn't been trying.  On Friday he brought home a certificate to say he had been in the Special Book - for working on his handwriting!  His handwriting can be truly appalling and was one of the things that the teacher had talked about, along with general lack of effort.  Bear had worked hard, got recognition, and today a computer game landed.

Bear took some time to work it out, but he is currently settled down with it.  I'm making the most of it.

Regarding reusable stuff, one thing that I perhaps spent more on than is technically justified is two of these - a big one and a small one.

I use them instead of cling film when covering dishes in the microwave.  I also use them instead of pan lids.  I got rid of all my pan lids, and I was glad to see the back of them, to be honest.  The silicone covers are washable, easy to store, make an excellent seal, rarely boil over and take a lot less space.  I ought to use it more as they are an airtight seal (as far as I can tell) when it comes to bowls of stuff etc.  You can make home made and reusable cling film, but I'm not up for that.  It involves melted beeswax and I am not safe with hot liquids like that.

Sharon - you are on Season 4 of the Arrow?!?  I think I may have got as far as Season 2 (it really was a shocking headache) but we watched another last night and I think I am okay with concentrating on my knitting, looking up for bare chest, concentrating on my knitting, looking up for awesome and implausible action sequence, concentrating on knitting...  It's a strange world where they have awesome computers but extremely limited fingerprint technology.  I really don't think I'm the target audience.


  1. Well done, Bear!

    Those silicone covers are pretty! I still use the cling wrap, I'm afraid.

  2. I was totally confused there for a while as I thought the photo was of 2 poppies it was a while before I realised they were covers.

  3. Those coverings look so great! I might have to look them up on Amazon.

    Yes - season four. Middle son came over yesterday and we watched another three episodes. We've been watching them for a LONG time (or maybe it just seems like it!). I was thinking of you yesterday when Felicity said this to Oliver "Every time you face a setback you throw yourself a pity party". I laughed out loud. Couldn't help it.

    Glad he's putting in some effort with handwriting. Maybe getting a reward he'll try harder overall.