Friday 4 November 2016

Random is as Random Does

Sharon - Looking back, he has his shirt off a surprising amount of time.  He has also perfected the art of looking Noble while Suffering and Being Misunderstood because of his Secret.  I watched so many, maybe ten, under the headache.  I don't think it would be a problem for sons and husbands to watch it, but whether it's due to the headache or something else, I am left with an impression of Noble Suffering, man without shirt and implausible archery.  I can't remember much plot.  That's okay.  The man without a shirt made up for a lot.

Though to be quite honest, I quite like his look when 'dressed'.

I'm not putting up a picture of him being Noble and Suffering as it depresses me, but you can probably get the idea from laxative adverts.  I shouldn't be snippy.  It's a good show, and (I think - headache) it promotes good values and the action sequences are (apparently - headache) out of this world.  I may not be the target audience.

Bear is not well.  I'm not sure what it is, but he went to sleep on the sofa at 5pm (five in the afternoon, not a typo) and only woke up briefly for dinner.  He was a little brighter this morning and went into school, but I think we need a weekend without anything.  It may well be nothing more than feeling fed up with the season and a growth spurt.

I failed with the home made soup last night.  I hope to be better tonight.  I had misread the recipe and hadn't allowed enough time. Tonight I am prepared.

Something has happened to my one pair of trainers that fit and they are rubbing a hole in my heel.  This morning I couldn't bear to put them on and dropped bear off at school while wearing my slippers.  I can't remember the last time I wore actual shoes, so I shall have to have a rummage to see if I could find them.

It's been a random day so far.  I found a YouTube video promoting reusable toilet paper.  I think this is a step too far for me.  I'll stick to having rags for kitchen cleaning.


  1. Hope Bear recovers over the weekend. Hope you have a restful weekend, too, and no more headaches.

  2. I'm sitting through my fourth season! We only watch them in small doses when son comes to visit. The Arrow is a bit of a martyr, all noble and suffering as you put it lol. It's getting on my nerves a little to be honest!

    The reusable toilet paper is taking it a little too far for me too. I guess you can only do what you feel comfortable with and TP isn't usually something I scrimp on. I just watch for it on sale.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and Bear is feeling okay.