Sunday 17 December 2017

A Chance to Feel Smug

Bear's maths tutor came for the last session of the year.  While bear was acting up (he couldn't be bothered and I may have to have Words), the tutor asked whether I had done any Christmas shopping yet.  I shrugged and told the utterly awesome tutor that I had finished it.  The poor lad has all his to do. 

I got into the habit of getting the Christmas shopping finished by the beginning of November as before bear was born I had six birthdays in January of close friends and family, including my late MIL and father's girlfriend.  I always shopped for birthday presents in December.  Interestingly, I'll be picking up a couple of birthday cards next week as two of bear's pals have birthdays in Christmas week as well as bear. 

And speaking of bear's birthday, I asked him what he would like for his birthday dinner.  He is having his party the day after (pizza with his pals) so what would he like on his birthday?  I will be getting a delivery and at this time of year you have to chase the delivery slots, even after Christmas Day so I needed to get things in hand.  Bear is not bothered.  He's not really interested.  He doesn't want much. 

Last year we had steak.  Bear isn't so keen at the moment so I'm ruling that out.  I know bear likes fish.  I loathe fish unless it's in the shape of a fish finger, and I'm not that impressed even then.  However, as it's bear's birthday, we are having fish.  I've had a rummage around and it's looking like sea bass fillets at an extortionate cost.  I shall cook them in foil and serve with samphire and rice.  I also need to stock up for the pals coming around the next day.  I shall have half a dozen pre teens so I'll be surprised if all they need to eat is pizza.  I shall stock up just in case. 


  1. How often does one get to feel smug...enjoy it. haha! I am thinking the only thing I may need from the market is an onion, whipped cream and frozen coconut. How simple it that. I am also thinking I will walk out with much more than that. Dang! When K. was little he loved fish fingers. I love fish as long as it is fried, no head or tail, no bones, doesn't taste fishy, and perfectly white. Yeah. Hard to find over here and one thing I don't cook is fish. Boys can hoover a pizza in 5-seconds flat. K. friends all through school ended up being football players and larger than K. by about 50-lbs. try feeding that bunch pizza. OUCH! One or two of them always showed up for sunday dinner. I wish I had those days back.

  2. Bear's birthday dinner sounds great! Have barely even thought of Christmas presents!

  3. Wow you should be feeling smug. I still have presents to get as mil had last minute guests coming.

    The things we do for our kids! I finally learning how to cook fish properly lol

    1. I think I got here by accident! I really need to crack the whole 'cooking fish' thing. At the moment, if it isn't in breadcrumbs then I struggle. Have you tried kedgeree? It almost makes sense to me. LM x