Wednesday 13 December 2017

More Nothing of Much

If you look in the comments on the last post you will see the issues Eloise is having with the snow.  In fact, the comments on the last few posts reflect how different it is across the blog community.  Margie in Toronto is having far more snow and far fewer problems.  Eloise and Jake's a Girl are having a lot of issues with unfamiliar weather.  We had rain.  There are times when I really count my blessings.

I have not yet replaced bear's gloves.  The last few pairs (yes, I know) have been quite padded.  Bear claims, with mingled innocence and indignation, that it can't possibly be his fault, they just fall out of his pockets.  As he usually takes less than five minutes to go between school and home, plays football relentlessly at breaks and it isn't that cold here, perhaps a few days with cold hands will focus his attention.  I'll look for thinner gloves next time. 

Today was difficult for me, as I went out of the house.  It was incredibly hard.  I am starting to get really worried.  Still, I made it to the bus stop and chose to get a bus that meant I needed to do more.  When I got to Leeds I looked in Home Sense for candles.  There wasn't many nice candles.  I suspect that they don't get many overstock candles at this time of year and the time I'll really score big is probably nearer March.  It was all very disappointing.  Then I got another bus out to Aldi, where I just picked up some cola and some chocolate, then home.  So I did it.  I just need to keep doing it. 

I have my last Approved Food order of the year on its way.  I think that there may then be a really possibility of the house bursting at the seams.  Like I say, I'm counting my blessings.  I have good stuff coming in a Morrisons order tomorrow, a new freezer on Friday and a stock up for the freezer on Saturday.  I'm looking forward to Christmas. 


  1. We are so thankful the snow is gone and the sun is out. It's cold which I don't mind as our summers can be brutal. I love bundle up weather and at Christmas even better. I'll have one more market run before Christmas gets here and I should be finished. I went to Chattanooga last week with a whole list of things to do, stores to visit and stuff to buy. I made it into one store for the grands largest gift and when I walked out and got in the car I thought...I can't do this...I'm going home. And I did. Didn't even finish shopping. Will try again tomorrow and see if I can go. There is no rhyme or reason to this madness it just is what it is. I think of you every time I leave the house or try to leave the house. I'd just rather stay home. I'm looking forward to Christmas, too. In the last few years my Christmas joy has been missing. I pray this one is brighter and more cheerful. :)

  2. Snow here. It's been snowing since last Thursday. I don't drive in it. I'm too afraid.