Thursday 28 December 2017

Tesco Were Lovely

I strongly believe that if you want to be free to complain then you should also feel free to compliment.  I have really struggled at times to remember that it's another human being at the other end of the phone, especially the scammers, and I sometimes fail, but I try. 

In that spirit, Tesco rang me last night.  I have an order coming tomorrow which includes stuff for bear's 'birthday party' (some pals hanging out with access to age appropriate Netflix, computer games, tv and pizza).  I've got some goodies coming and one of the things that I ordered was a fruit platter.  I felt a little guilty but less than you would think.  It's £6 for a tray of prepared fruit meant to feed six and that has to be ordered so many days in advance as it's made to order.  I thought that it would save time, waste and stress.  The very nice man who called apologised.  They weren't going to be able to include it in the order because due to the weather disruption (and I'm once again incredibly grateful for how little we've been affect and deeply sympathetic to those without power and who are stuck in bad conditions) the fruit couldn't be shipped. 

I said fine.  I said I understood.  It's just a few pieces of fruit and the roads are downright dangerous in some places.  I don't want some poor lorry driver risking life and limb so I can have some pineapple fingers.  We are in a good place, we have stuff in and it's okay.  I honestly couldn't complain about a valid issue that is out of the control of Tesco.  Not only that, but they contacted me with two days to spare so that if I actually really needed something like that then I would have enough time to sort out a substitute.  And they also gave me a voucher for £10 for my trouble - nearly twice what I would have paid (but didn't) for the fruit. 

I'm not sponsored by Tesco, though you may not believe it after reading some of my posts, but I do feel safe doing business with them.  To my mind, it's a real test of how a company treat a customer when things go wrong.  Tesco have been pretty awesome. 

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