Wednesday 20 December 2017

I Hate Steering Wheels

Bear's dratted steering wheel for his dratted computer game came today.  The delivery was by the creepy delivery guy who isn't so creepy these days as it looks like his wife is permanently in the passenger seat.  At least I was dressed even though it was fairly early and not a school day.  Then I had to hoick the box in.  The box is massive.  It's absolutely huge.  There's a walloping big cardboard box holding packaging and the smaller, huge cardboard box that holds the steering wheel, pedals and no doubt a gazillion tons more packing.  I've stowed it in the walk in cupboard where it is blocking everything and I have to move it to get to my bin bags. 

I still can't move for tinsel.  Speaking of which, here is a masterpiece from bear.

The Halloween tinsel cat has been given a sort of turban thingy with red tinsel and the ravens are so swathed in gold twinkle that you can barely see their beaks. 

Positive stuff, I finally got the baskets out.  It's months and months ago but I bought a couple of baskets.  This gives three decent sized, plastic baskets which I've lined up. One is for dirty cloths, one is for the microfibre cloths I use for washing up and one is for the microfibre cloths I use for cleaning.  I have finally put them in place and all of a sudden it is so much easier to clean up.  I'm typing this as we are all hanging out in the study with a nice scented candle on and it feels good. 


  1. Love candles! They just make me feel warmer and more relaxed. Yikes on the big package. At least it'll only be there for a few days

    1. Candles are vital in this house. If we're in and it's quiet then there's a candle lit. You're right, they really do make you feel warmer and more relaxed. I'm counting the minutes with the dratted steering wheel! LM x

  2. I like your festive black cat!