Wednesday 27 December 2017

White Vinegar Half Price

For those able to take advantage

Link didn't work, try searching for Golden Swan White Vinegar.  It's awesome for cleaning.

That is 20 litres of white vinegar which has always been very reliable when I clean for £6.39.  I don't know how much postage would be if you are not a member of prime,

According to the sums on the respective websites, the white vinegar from Amazon costs @ 3p per 100ml.  The white vinegar from Morrisons, sold in the small bottle, costs @ 17p per 100ml.

I hope the offer is still there if you are interested and take a look, but even at full price, it is a very good price although I feel bad for the delivery drivers.


  1. Thank you but the link doesn't work for me

    1. Sorry, Elaine, I've put a note in the post. Try searching for Golden Swan White Vinegar. Hope it's something you're interested in. LM x