Tuesday 12 December 2017

Weather (such as it is) continues

Yesterday I called into Matalan, to pick up a pair of gloves for bear.  I had seen the weather forecasts and I knew that he had lost his last pair so I got the next of no doubt a series.  He forgot them this morning.

Unlike a lot of the UK we are barely affected.  It's cold, it's icy and I got hit by at least six snowflakes yesterday but it's nothing to the disruption caused in other parts of the country.  While places like Canada (hi to Jean, Margie, Sharon et al over that side of the pond and subject to snow!) and Norway are dealing with banks of snow just fine, we are really struggling.  However we rarely get snow in the Midlands to the extent that has fallen, and snow is usually after Christmas.  I don't think most of the UK (with the usual exceptions) know how to deal with it so that it's a problem when it comes.  Sending out huge hugs and good vibes to all those affected by it.  Snow and ice are treacherous and even dangerous for people unused and unprepared for the conditions. 

I can consider myself blessed in that the biggest problem I have had today is that the very inexpensive scented candle I picked up was inexpensive for a reason.  The whole house smells of cheap cleaning fluid instead of the Lime and Mandarin I was promised.  I've had windows open (not all day!  I'm too nesh for that) but I still feel like I've been splashed with toilet cleaner.  I'll put out some saucers of vinegar if it doesn't fade soon.

I've put in the last Approved Food order of the year and hopefully I will soon get a very large box stuffed with treats.  I even got free shipping.  I've got the last few bits of grocery shopping and then I'm done.  If I've forgotten anything, tough.  It will have to do!


  1. Oh is years since I heard the word 'nesh'. My mother used it a lot when we used to complain about being cold in a house with no

  2. We are suffering here on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border ........ schools closed, cars stuck, roads frighteningly icy if you manage to dig the car out. My daughter in Shropshire is pretty much snowed in altogether. I'll swap problems and take the unpleasant candle!

  3. Stay warm! And Boys! I could hardly ever get K. to wear his gloves. In the south US we have what you would call mild winters with occasional snow. We can go years here in the northern part of GA. and never see one snowflake. And when we do it's like the keystone cops have been set loose. haha. An inch of snow can cause hundreds of accidents. We had 3-inches on the last Friday and everyone was in a panic. Schools let out and every thing except the markets shut down. But I have to admit...I don't drive in the rain much less the snow. I'd be in a panic. ha. Tell that wild man to clip those gloves to his coat. ;)