Sunday 10 December 2017


Snow was forecast for the UK.  Around here there is very little snow.  In fact I don't remember seeing any last year at all.  However the BBC forecast snow so I made sure that I had hot chocolate in and got on with things. 

The Daily Express forecasts dreadful storms and snow every year so I ignore their weather pages.  If the BBC forecast snow, however, I usually keep an eye out.  In places like the Highlands there have been really low temperatures.  In places south of here there has been a lot of disruption caused by snow.  Places in Scotland, the Lake District and Wales get plenty of snow and know what to do.  Here in Leeds the buses faint and disappear at the first snowflake and people watch anxiously as the temperature drops.  We've had a few flakes.  It's nothing special.  There's a trace of snow on the walls and bear managed to make a snowball the size of a small grape.  Tomorrow is likely to be more hazardous, but as far as I can tell with the weather forecast (as much as you can tell!) not only are we likely to miss most of the snow but we are also likely to miss the worst of the ice which is going to cause real problems elsewhere.  I am not complaining.

Bear did manage to score some serious complaints about his glasses in the fifteen minutes before getting used to them.  He looks so serious in them.  I just hope he doesn't break them before he grows out of them. 


  1. I'm glad to hear you being so sanguine about the predictions for snow in your area - I know that it's more difficult to deal with over there since you don't have the snow clearance plow or salters but sometimes it makes us chuckle just a wee bit. Our temps have finally hit around 0C with strong winds for the past few days so I did bring out my parka rather than my regular winter coat since I knew I'd be outside walking and waiting for buses these past couple of days and wanted to stay warm. We are also expecting up to 10 inches of snow over the next couple of days but it shouldn't be much more than a nuisance. Bear might want to take a look at this afternoon's football game from Buffalo NY - it just finished. The thousands in the stands celebrated with a snowball fight when the home team won in overtime!

  2. Oh how I wish we had only enough snow for grape-sized snowballs! We had a lot yesterday and more overnight. Tomorrow, temperatures are threatened to be minus 12 or minus 15 depending who you listen to. It doesn't bode well. The cold I can stand but the snow and ice just scare me. I worry about my children driving in it.