Monday 26 August 2019

Far Too Warm!

Kate - I would go with whatever explanation made life more interesting. This is an attitude that could get you into trouble, but I live by it.

Pattii - thank you! It's a strange thing to say, but there is a lot of interest in an old graveyard, and I think there are always stories. It seems weird to me that Australia is currently cooler than the UK, but perhaps it's what you are used to. It's 30C here, and it's making headlines.

I woke up with one heck of a hangover this morning - I celebrated father rather too well. There is also one week left of the summer holidays and I'm not sure that I'll make it. Bear has driven me daft. So far he has been ridiculously picky over food and I'm tearing my hair out. Dinner tonight ended up as sandwiches and salad, take it or leave it. I'm just having salad.

Writing stuff - if you are interested, this week's writing prompt is here. The main rule if you want to take part is to have fun.

Hugs to all.

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