Wednesday 7 August 2019

I Have No Idea

Yesterday I was out for a while as there is an offer on at Tesco where if you spend £60 you get 10p per litre off fuel, which is a nice little bit. Bear did not approve and raised an eyebrow at the frying pans I bought. We need to replace my current one because the rivets are wobbling and the handle is shaky. It was part of a set which cost something like £100 in 2005, and the pans are still as good as new, so I didn't want another set. However I got two instead of one and bear was exasperated. Besides, he had his piano teacher turn up while I was out, and it offended his idea of the proper way of things. He has had this same awesome piano teacher for years and I am confident that the only worry there would be if bear didn't behave. And bear is usually a good lad.

Then I spent lots of time sucked into writing stuff or sorting out bear. There's been some weird stuff going on. I just about collapsed into bed.

Today I've been a little hit and miss but have been sorting out the pit of a room where I sleep. I found a load more yarn that I had forgotten about.. I have so much yarn, and I don't want to lose it, but I'm going to just have to get rid if I don't get it knitted up soon. I need to get things rearranged so I can use my laptop there and actually get some writing done when bear's pals are around.  I'm taking five minutes, while the lads go to the shop as I have been a dreadful mother and only provided healthy treats.

Hugs to all.


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