Sunday 11 August 2019

Weirder than the Weather

The weather has been normal - for November! It's August!

I have been determined to keep this blog bright and breezy, as I don't want to encourage myself to wallow, but the last few weeks have had some tough times for my mental health. I'm getting exasperated with myself now, and I need to pull myself together.

Bear is doing fine. He had another pal around today, and they were bickering about Skyrim and other games, so I was happy to get on and potter myself. They had a great time, according to bear, including McDonalds where I managed some awesome parking. The next expedition was supposed to be Wednesday but the weather forecast for Wednesday is grim. I'm looking at alternatives, but unfortunately some of them involve driving in Leeds city centre. Leeds is not as bad as Chester, and considerably better than Bradford, but it isn't an easy run. There are lots of one way streets and odd corners. I'm going to have to master it, though, if I'm going to be able to take bear to places.

It's funny, I suppose, but I was looking at the Woodhead Pass and thinking, it doesn't look that hard a drive. It's bendy, and it looks like you have to keep your concentration, but a low gear and a sensible attitude and you should be fine. Driving for a few hours on twisty roads doesn't worry me at all. Looking at a motorway, however, terrifies me. I need to get over that. I suppose growing up as a kid travelling around the roads of North Wales, with their single lane tracks, passing places, fords and sheep, makes the thought of such a pass less daunting. We didn't really go on motorways.

Writing stuff - I have been included in the Dreamscapes anthology. The edits are, in my opinion, bloody peculiar. If you wish to read my contribution in the form I originally meant it to be, it's here. Otherwise I leave it to your judgement. They are lovely people, but at the moment I don't think I can support their anthology without reservation. I'm not precious about edits, I promise you, as authors are often too close to their work, and my natural inclination is to accept all edits. Sometimes, though, I have to say that the edits are odd. Do check them out, however, especially the podcasts by Ariana Cherry.

Hugs to all.

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