Sunday 4 August 2019

Me and the Weather

I've told this story before, but many years ago, when bear was tiny, we were on holiday in Pickering in November. We had rented a cottage just a few yards from the castle, and, if you know Pickering, that is the top of an extremely steep hill. I kept my eye on the forecast, listened to my instincts and insisted that we left a day early. The menfolk (bear, DH and father) reluctantly packed up. And thank goodness, because it SNOWED!!! We left quite late, not before 10am like the checkout time, and plenty of tractors and four wheel drives had taken the edge off the foot of snow that had landed overnight. It was deep and the driving was horrendous. Fortunately we were going downhill, and DH did a wonderful job getting us back home. There wasn't a snowflake on our house, but there was further snow at Pickering. We would have been stuck!

Since then, I've been pretty accurate with snow. We don't get that much, but sometimes I can look at the men and say, 'it's going to snow' and I'm right. I get incredibly sleepy, for some reason, and if I mention it, they treat it as fact when it really is just a guess that's going with my instincts.

Today DH went into town and decided that he wouldn't take his coat. "It's okay," I said, "It probably won't rain until 2pm." That was a guess, and everyone took it as a joke and DH left. The heavens opened at 2pm. Fortunately it was only a brief shower, but it's adding to my legend.

Negotiations are ongoing about this week's adventure. Bear was quite keen on Holmfirth, until he found out it was a two hour round trip. I need to go somewhere new, with or without bear, so I'm going to get onto Google maps and see what I can get up to. Bear is talking about the art shop in Leeds. We are getting buses to the town centre!

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