Monday 12 August 2019

Travelling is Odd

Jill - if I ever get on the Woodhead Pass, I shall look out for your Dad's bit of wall. I'm never going to attempt it in bad weather, but it looks like the roads between the tip I use and the main route to Batley - you have to have your wits about you on some of the bends and you can't speed, but it's not mission impossible.

I feel okay on twisty roads, and even on steep hills. I know when I picked up bear from his sports day and it was an unfamiliar route, it was twisty and steep and bear had warned me against the road as he said the bus sometimes struggled. Actually, my little citroen isn't too bad as long as you keep her in a nice low gear. It's only a one litre engine, but she can manage most of the local terrain. I'm getting more and more comfortable on awkward roads, and if you learn to drive around Heckmondwike, you learn how to deal with hills and sharp corners. Unfortunately you don't learn as much as some about dual carriageways. The thoughts of Leeds city centre, motorways and dual carriageways still terrify me, and they shouldn't. I think that when bear is back in school, I'm going to have to manage a few outings into uncharted territory.

And something odder. I needed to send something in for financial stuff and I wanted to send it registered. And I realised that I can drive to all sorts of places without worrying, and that I can drive for quite some time without stressing, especially if it's not on multi lane roads, but I still can't walk a few hundred yards to the local post office. I still have a few problems. On the other hand, when I nipped to the Aldi, I reversed into the space I planned to use. So I'll take that.

On the downside of that triumph, I was out when my next door neighbour chased a kid while waving a stick, but bear was very unhappy about it. I miss so much drama.

Writing stuff - first, I am writing this in my bedroom, on a fold out table, with a proper wrist rest and in peace and quiet. It's wonderful and I plan to get some more writing done. Speaking of which, this week's writing prompt is here. I have had an idea or two about it, and now I can work on it without stress.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Hugs to all. 

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