Wednesday 21 August 2019

Wonderfully Dull

It's been lovely and quiet. Bear played out with the kids next door without drama. There was an ambulance on the street, and I suspect I know what is going on, but bear and I managed to stay out of it. We were supposed to be going out, but his pal couldn't make it. I may head that way some other time without bear, just to make sure that I know the way to go.

I'm sort of regretting getting the yarn, but it's for a blanket, and it feels like blanket knitting weather. Part of the problem is that I've subscribed to r/knitting on Reddit and they have some lovely pics. I've seen gorgeous shawls, dozens of socks and lots of interesting ideas. I also saw the pattern for a Garter Squish blanket which is knitting in garter stitch in two strands of yarn and has weird edges - pattern is here and is free, which totally suits me. I suppose I should be glad that I've resisted yarn for so long.

I keep nattering that I need to save money, and I'm getting a little better, and shopping a lot less (though really could do better), but I need to somehow pull myself together and get that blog about shopping online going and hopefully make some pennies. I'm under no illusions, but I'm just hoping to make maybe £100 a month, which would cover my petrol. With bear becoming more expensive as he becomes a teenager, and worrying about how we will manage retirement, or if we can, I need to do better. I also need to write more. I managed around a thousand words today, and with a little luck will manage a few more by bedtime.

Tomorrow I have to go and get bear's blazer for next year. Bear is coming with me and bitterly resents being parted from his computer/friends on street/comfort zone. As he is also complaining that he hasn't done anything during the holidays, I am muttering about the National Coal Mining Museum, but my heart isn't in it. I've driven past it once with my instructor, and it isn't too far, but it's not a familiar route. I really need to buy a decent local road atlas so that bear can heckle the satnav.

Hugs to all.


  1. I used to live at the village near the Coal Mining Museum. Middlestown.

  2. That looks like a fun blanket to knit! I have enough yarn in my stash for at least 3 sweaters, so I need to knit those before I buy any more yarn!