Monday 5 August 2019

Week Three of Summer

It is the start of the third week of bear's summer holidays. I am quietly confident that I will survive this week. After that, all bets are off.

We're still planning this week's outing. It's a combination of not too far as bear doesn't enjoy the travel, together with not too scary driving, as I swear I am getting more nervous, together with something we haven't done a gazillion times already. I'll share when and if it happens.

It's been an odd sort of day. I was planning a long lie in, but the people at the back had visitors. I have no idea what actually was happening but after the banging on their door started to shake our walls, I heard shouts about trespassing and all sorts. I've still no idea as they had quietened down around 8am. Then I had an email with the edits for the anthology that is being sold in support of charity:water. It was all lovely and professional and I worked through the very short piece quite quickly. Then I nipped out to the shop (a near one, for a change) and found out some scandal going on in the street, but as it's a legal matter, I had better keep quiet on it. It's wonderfully complicated, though, and as soon as I can share, I will. Then bear's pal with the wounded leg came around. The leg is almost completely better which put my mind at rest. He's a good lad.

I'm hoping for an early night and inspiration for an adventure with bear. Also some inspiration for dinner tomorrow as I am running short of ideas. Between our selection of intolerances and preferences, I have a very narrow selection to choose from.

Writing Stuff - if you are interested, this week's writing prompt is here. I'm kicking around some ideas already. If you want to join in, there is one rule that is vitally important - have fun! 

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Hugs to all.

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