Friday, 11 October 2019

Somewhat Stunned

I parked in a multistory car park! I can't believe I did it! I not only drove into Leeds, but I parked in a multistory carpark!

I took bear to an introduction to fencing. It was something of a fail. We got there an hour and a half too early. I navigated the car park, but then we wandered around. The classes are at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, which are completely worth a visit, and there was a VIP thingy on as well, which didn't help, as we had to navigate past the red carpet, which as bear was in his school uniform and I was decidedly scruffy, was somewhat embarrassing.

It wasn't too bad wandering around. The Armouries is near the canal basin, so there is plenty to see. We saw a heron land on one of these boats, just out of sight. I completely failed to get a pic of the heron, but managed the boats.

You can get a water taxi from the Armouries to the Station (or near there) for £1.

The above is a very out of focus and poor pic of the water taxis. We couldn't get one to kill time today, as they had been cancelled.

The Armouries are, if I understand it, at the meeting of the Leeds Liverpool canal and the River Aire, and there is a lot of water in there at the moment. I could tell the levels were a lot higher than normal. Here is a pic of a michaelmas daisy and a welsh poppy, both of which are definitely found on dry land only - unless the river rises a lot.

Bear didn't stay for the training as he was still in school uniform. We are trying again next week, when we know the score a little better.

Writing stuff - still lots! I've got a new story called, Never Get Drunk with a Stranger, quite long and something I had a lot of fun writing, which is here. There are other posts from the lovely people of the October Frights Blog Hop and the links are at the bottom. And in his 31 Days of Halloween, Timothy Bateman has an article about the different types of vampires in the books of author Selene Kallan here

Hugs to all.


  1. Congrats on another driving accomplishment! I really enjoyed reading your short story. I loved the theme that ran throughout it. Really good!

  2. I love the Armouries , but driving round there fills me with horror