Tuesday 25 April 2023

I Hope That This Makes Sense

I'll do a proper post tomorrow, but I thought I would catch up a few things.

I was back at the doctor today and have more antibiotics. There is also a steroid cream, but there's some confusion about whether the pharmacy has it, whether they can get it and generally what is to be done.

Bear is snowed under with homework and it's only a couple of weeks until exams. 

I've managed a walk or two, and I loved this contrast of the old and new ivy leaves.

The fuchsia in the garden isn't showing signs of life yet. I'm a little worried, not least because if it's dead then we'll need heavy plant machinery to get the dratted thing out unless I want to pretend that it's some sort of free form trellis.

The rats are back and stealing from the bird feeder. They are huge, and may have been disturbed by the men doing something to the sewer in the street. 

Writing stuff - Invitation Accepted Chapter Eleven is here and Whisper in the Shadows is free to buy until 29th April. NB Dark Picture, Under Dark Hills and the stories that are in the category of At the Fireside will be coming down on 30th April. 

Hugs and good vibes to all. 


  1. I'm sorry you needed to see the doctor, again, but, hopefully, the antibiotics will be effective this time around. Hope you are able to get the steroid cream that was also prescribed.
    I do hope the fuchsia is just late to come out of dormancy and will put on its usual show-stopping display of flowers. I also hope the rats will leave!
    Good luck to bear! May he ace his exams!

  2. Sorry to hear you're back at the doctors again. It must be really frustrating. Hope Bear is doing something to relax as well as studying so hard!

  3. We had rats in the garden a few years ago so now make a point of moving things around and making a bit of noise at the bottom of the garden. I haven't seen any signs of rats in a couple of years